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Société Pitouch Company was created under the initiative of Evelyn Z. Biecher, actress, playwright and theatre director.


Pitouch is liberation, madness, love, adaptation, rhythm, evolution and transgression.

Pitouch's language is characterized by the predominance of rhythmic dramaturgy over narrative, and the use of the multidisciplinary scenic language "Expanded Art" that links the body and technology.

The Pitouch touch is the name by which we identify our spectacles, characterized by their radical and even provocative force. The Pitouch touch defies the rules of conventional theater, creates its artworks with absolute freedom, and the coexistence of all the arts: theater, live arts, visual arts, audiovisual media and many other disciplines. The spectacles are usually installed in conventional or unconventional places taking into account the specificity of the space, and the particular characteristics of the place, to convert the stage into the ideal space where the public is an active part of the representations, integrating it as a central point as a Greek chorus.

Evelyn Biecher presents in her spectacles a critical, biting and sensitive vision of contemporary society, in close correlation with different mythologies. She transforms the theatrical act into a gesture charged with impetus, in which a delicate sensibility converges with the raw force of her expression. Her writings are the result of her acute and profound observation of the world. Due to her links with Latin America, especially with Chile and Mexico, and with the old continent: France and Spain, her texts offer a singularity marked by tensions and contradictions: beauty and dictatorship, solidarity and war, the sublime of nature and its destruction, for example.

New problems arrive every day, new freedoms, new oppressions, new ways of thinking, new restrictions challenging society, the consumption and forms of affection. Transforming the actor's attitude into a performative action, introducing the instant into the intrigue of the scene, changing the traditional language of conventional creation: a return to friction, to brutality, to transgression and to the play of opposites proposes our experimentation. Our artistic creations are an invitation to reflection and collective action.


Theatricalities and performativities are part of our collective experience with the space and the options of poetic treatment that each participant develops by exhausting his own experience. The actor's work is a gift of himself, a permanent work within his limits. The actor has only one instrument at his disposal, his body and all that it contains. For us actors, our emotions are our musical theory, our body our instrument, and we must tame both before we can play a symphony.

The necessity to explore new artistic forms leads the Company towards a process of searching for new proposals and challenges in the performing arts, finding its own language: “La touch pitouch”. Their creations have caused a great impact on the critics and the audience. The technique used is based on real time performance, giving absolute freedom to their shows and implementing various forms such as performance, live arts, choreography and the media, in case of needed.



With the performance “Frag#2” (2006), presented at the Theatre Festival in Valencia, Spain, it won its first prize for innovation and quality of performance and staging, which marked a before and an after of the company, as it further stimulated even more the research of an interdisciplinary creation based on experimentation, which included visual and fine art language, different scenic formats, and other disciplines and living knowledge. With the performance “Frag#3” (2013), present ed at the TEA Festival in Toledo, Spain, it receives two prizes: first prize for the best staging of the festival and first prize for the innovative character of the show highlighting its physical staging, the interaction with the space and the audience and for its current theme and social commitment.



Evelyn Z. B. / Pitouch Company, with more than 9 shows, have traveled to Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Spain, Mexico, Colombia and Brazil participating in various international festivals and offered workshops and conferences following their own guidelines.

Team Pitouch
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